25 January 2024

We will be closed during CNY and our last day of delivery will be on Wednesday 7th Feb. We will resume delivery on Friday 16th February.

21 September 2023

We have launched our app to make shopping with us easier. There is a 10% discount when you purchase in-app. Please visit for more details.

21 August 2023

Please take note our market will be closed for renovation from Sept to Nov 2023. As such. we will be temporarily shifting to Whampoa market (off Balestier road). For all self pickup orders, you can collect at our new location:

Our Temporary Address: 92 Whampoa Dr #01-154

1st August 2023

We have received several enquiries on the source of our fresh pork. Due to the temporary ban on Indonesian pork, all our fresh pork originates from Malaysia and definitely safe for consumption. You can order our fresh pork with ease of mind 🐷

5th October 2021

Porki is running our first 10.10 promo! Get fresh pork at special discount (one-time only). Register at to receive the coupon code now.

29 July 2021

The following products will be unavailable till further notice: Liver, Kidney, Heart, Stomach, Intestine, Spleen

22 July 2021

Due to the recent COVID-19 Heightened Alert situation, we start to receive a surge of demand for fresh Pork. We foresee that we will face issue trying to meet the huge demand in the coming week especially with the shortage of fish in the wet markets. Hence, there could be situations where your order may not be fulfilled or delayed delivery. What can you do to secure your pork supply:

  • Plan your needs early or consolidate orders. We use vacuum packaging for pork so it will remain fresh in your fridge.

We seek your understanding and support.


21 July 2021

With COVID-19 continuing to affect our daily lives, and recent months of fuel price increase, we regret to inform you that we are no longer able to absorb delivery charges. However, we are not going to pass the full delivery charges to you. Hence, with effect from 26th July 2021, we will introduce a tiered delivery fee structure as below:
1) For orders amount below $60, there will be a delivery charge of $8
2) For orders amount between $60 to $100, there will be a delivery charge of $5.
3) Free delivery for orders amount $100 and above.
15 July 2021

Order Again feature in My Account. If you find yourself always buying the same pork product, then we have just made it easier for you ?
You can choose to buy the same products as your previous order, or you can choose individual products you have purchased before.

Visit My Account page:

– In [Orders] tab, click to view each order, there will be an Order Again button.
– In [Order Again] tab, view past products you have purchased and Add To Cart individually.

1st July 2021

We using Vacuum Packaging for all our fresh pork. To assure our pork reach you in a clean and fresh manner, we have invested in a vacuum machine and take the extra step to ensure all cut pork are vacuum packed immediately. The benefits of vacuum packaging includes:
– Extended Preservation
– Anti Oxidation
– Anti Odour
– Easier to freeze/fridge, more compact