Sharing some common questions that everyone has been asking below.

Q: Can you pack separately it for us?
A: Yes we can, just state in your orders.

Q: Can I request for -meat- to be sliced/grind?
A: Yeap definitely. You can also pick other meat for us to mince (example using lean meat to mince)

Q: Do you guys deliver islandwide?
A: Yes we do. We do deliveries everyday except Monday.

Q: Free delivery above $100? Min order?
A: Yes, free delivery for orders above $100, minimum order of $20 with tiered delivery charge.

Q: When can you deliver?
A: Orders are based on first come first serve basis. We’ll definitely try our best to slot you in for the next day delivery unless stated.

Just a tip, please let us know your preferred way of cutting for your meat. Otherwise, we will just leave it as it is.

1kg Pork Belly (Cut into 3)
1kg Hind Lean Muscle (Sliced for Stir Fry)